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Teaching Instruments & Levels
  • Electric Rock Guitar - Beginner
  • Electric Bass Guitar - Beginner to Pro to Pro
  • Acoustic Guitar - Beginner
  • Jazz Piano - Beginner
  • Double Bass - Beginner to Pro to Pro
  • Trombone - Beginner
Child Safety Accredited


I have been playing music for sixteen years. My first instrument was the piano, followed by electric bass, trombone, upright bass, and the most recent addition - guitar. This April I completed studies for my Bachelor's of Music degree in Jazz Performance on double bass. I have lived in Montreal for the past five years, working as a professional musician, gigging mostly as a bassist (either electric or upright) in a variety of styles. My teaching career began four years ago when I was asked to tutor first year students in the jazz performance program for theory. Since then I have expanded my personal teaching studio, teaching people of all ages and skill levels, as well as teaching different instruments and styles. I am an enthusiastic teacher committed to making sure that my students get the most out of the time we spend together.

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