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Our story so far.........

Welcome to Music Teaching Online, a company conceived through the frustrations of not being able to find a local music teacher for our kids, or when we did find a teacher, who was often some distance away, lessons were missed due to traffic, delayed meetings or bad weather!

The founder of Music Teaching Online, who has over 25 years of experience as a music educator, initially set up an online help group to provide students and parents just like us with support, but as demand significantly grew and technology advanced, we decided to share this help group to a wider audience and make it easier for you to access fantastic music teachers, not only locally but worldwide.

One of the original frustrations for us was finding a teacher, contacting them, scheduling a lesson and making a payment! Now Music Teaching Online has built and developed a unique platform to remove those frustrations, as these requirements are in one, easy to navigate platform.

Our development team consists of students and parents just like us, music specialists and systems experts, who have collectively produced a straightforward and connected platform. You don’t need to worry about connecting all the different parts, we have done that for you!

Music Teaching Online trust that you will enjoy our platform, and we would like to welcome you to the global community.

No more missed lessons and no more frustrations trying to find the perfect teacher for your child!

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