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United Kingdom
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  • Trumpet - Beginner to Pro to Pro
  • Cornet - Beginner to Pro to Pro
  • Trombone - Beginner to Intermediate
Child Safety Accredited


I am a London based music educator, working for many Music Hubs and Institutions across the city. My teaching experience is broad and deep: brass instruments, theory, music production, arranging and more; from primary schools to university lecturing. Qualifications: Master of Music Education - UCL Institute of Education Jazz Trumpet BMus - Conservatorium van Amsterdam Classical Trumpet (ISCED 7, MA+BA) - Conservatorio di Lucca IFTS Sound Engineering (EU Level 4) - Digit@lis Teaching has always been a big part of my musical experience and one of the main goals of my own musical education. I've always been focusing on the broadest and most organic way of learning music, gathering knowledge and practice in all the aspects of the musical field: - classical trumpet to have a real control on the instrument, the repertoires and the styles - jazz, to deepen the creative process of improvisation and apply it to contemporary music - piano, bass and percussion to have a better understanding of harmony and rhythm - an intensive and articulated course of sound engineering to learn the infinite possibilities of digital devices - an intense live music activity , because that's what music is about

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