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United Kingdom
  • English
Teaching Instruments & Levels
  • Classical Guitar - Beginner
  • Flamenco Guitar - Beginner
  • Electric Rock Guitar - Beginner
  • Electric Bass Guitar - Beginner
  • Acoustic Guitar - Beginner
Child Safety Accredited


My name is Rida, I am a professional musician and music producer. I became a musician out of interest in 90s video game music, Yngwie Malmsteen and Metallica. When I was 3 years old I’d pause games and listen to the music and I taught myself how to play guitar by watching live concerts and learning by pausing, rewinding and starting the cassette/ VHS tapes and copying the sounds. I went on to study music at college and university and graduated with a 2:1 BAhonours degree. I have performed live around the world alongside DJs at prestigious venues and very high profile private parties. I also produce music for TV and other media. I’m an all rounder musical maestro.

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