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United Kingdom
  • English
Teaching Instruments & Levels
  • Classical Guitar - Beginner to Advanced
  • Flamenco Guitar - Beginner
  • Electric Rock Guitar - Beginner to Pro to Pro
  • Electric Bass Guitar - Beginner to Pro to Pro
  • Ukulele - Beginner
  • Acoustic Guitar - Beginner to Pro to Pro
  • Classical Piano - Beginner
  • Jazz Piano - Beginner
  • Keyboard - Beginner
  • Organ - Beginner
Child Safety Accredited


Hi, my name is Dave. I'm a Musician, Composer, Guitar, Piano & Bass tutor with over 15 years experience. After receiving a degree in Jazz and Contemporary music, I was privileged to enjoy a fruitful career not only as a music teacher but also as a full time composer and performer, both live and in the studio. ​ Music which I composed, performed and recorded was screened in over 25 film festivals worldwide. One of my films, called “Crumble”, is starring Amanda Hale and was selected for BAFTA, won the Silver Remi Award at the 50th Worldfest Houston Film Festival (USA) and was the Official Selection of the 17th East End Film Festival (London). Among many other things, I also composed and produced music for Patreon sponsored gaming-series “Cool Ghosts”, Tesco Promotional campaign and the album “Warped Tension”, published by Evolution Media (i.a. Film4/ESPN/EMI).

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