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United Kingdom
  • English
Teaching Instruments & Levels
  • Keyboard - Beginner
  • Drums - Beginner to Advanced
  • Djembe - Beginner
Child Safety Accredited


I'm an experienced, organised, dedicated, session musician and drum tutor. I've worked with a diverse set of artists in the recording studio, concerts, festivals and music venues. These include Jazz Jamaica, Dylema Collective, Das Brass Band, Nikkita, Aiva, Mabel Agbenorto, Terry Smiles Collective, C.A.M.P Choir, WTW Big Band, Jay Phelps, Spirit Agenda, Myke Masters Band, Mike Soul, Cliff and Marie, Cherise Adams Burnett, Rio Kai Quartet, Floor Rippers, Alan Weekes Trio, Tomorrow's Warriors, Morley College Big Band and many other gospel, jazz and r & b artists. I deliver an extensive genre of drum lessons at 3 secondary schools and percussion workshops also at WAC Arts. Music Degree successfully completed in 2011 at London Centre of Contemporary Music. His drum teachers included Rod Youngs, Troy Miller, Andrew Small, Steve Brown, Graham Fox, Courtney Daniels. Daniel is highly recommended as a professional Drum Tutor, Session Musician and Percussion Tutor.

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