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United Kingdom
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  • Drums - Beginner to Advanced
  • Trumpet - Beginner to Advanced
  • Cornet - Beginner to Advanced
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I have been a drum and trumpet tutor to students in primary school, secondary school, right through to retirees looking for a new (or to rekindle their old) passion for music. I have a wide playing experience from classical ensembles, orchestras, cuban big bands, jazz bands, ska bands, pop bands, tribute bands and klezmer bands along with my work as a studio session musician and of course an instrumental tutor. I am currently the peripatetic drum tutor at two large secondary schools alongside my private roster (totalling around 60 one-to-one lessons per week). I also teach via video conference call online to those whose location makes travelling impractical. Currently due to the current coronavirus situation I am teaching all 60+ lessons online via the zoom platform. *TRUMPET*: I teach the trumpet as an instrument not a genre; much of the technique I pass over is based in the classical style as I find this creates players who can perform with ease but I also teach my pupils to improvise, to play from memory, music theory and even some composition while they master the instrument itself. Smiles and enjoyment are at the top of the list for music, after all, that is the point right? I find this produces well rounded AND MOTIVATED players who can apply themselves to almost any situation. This holistic style of education encompasses all styles, not just classical pieces - so if you are interested in something specific just let me know! Starting with a solid technical routine my students build up their skills in directions which interest them. *DRUMS*: As a drum tutor I present a rather different set of ideas, still based in good solid technique and theory but much more based in popular music; I do not teach classical percussion as I am not myself a classical percussionist. I draw from my extensive background in band playing and show work (musicals, tributes) to initially provide students with the select tools they need to get out playing with other musicians; we then work on deepening their knowledge and expending their tools to tackle much more interesting yet taxing opportunities. Much of the work that will need to be completed between lessons can be done on a practice pad though access to a drum kit will be needed in some shape or form, especially if the pupil is to remain engaged and driven (be this acoustic or electric). *GENERAL*: Over the years my interest in the challenges of playing have lead me to investigate very thoroughly the techniques and physical difficulties of playing the instruments which are numerous yet solvable when approached in an informed and calm manner. *QUALIFICATIONS*: Ba(hons) Music 2:1 (1st class in performance modules), ABRSM Grade 8 (Merit) Trumpet, ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory

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