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United Kingdom
  • English
Teaching Instruments & Levels
  • Ukulele - Beginner
  • Classical Piano - Beginner to Advanced
  • Jazz Piano - Beginner to Intermediate
  • Saxophone - Beginner to Intermediate
  • Clarinet - Beginner to Advanced
  • Flute - Beginner to Advanced
Child Safety Accredited


I have been teaching privately for seventeen years . I have also taught in schools, both primary and secondary, organising pupils lessons , examinations and concerts. I teach all ages from six to sixty years old. I teach different genres of music . I have been playing music since I was nine years old. My first instrument was the electronic organ. I then started to play the clarinet in the school orchestra and the also sax in the schools concert band. I have played in flute choirs and concert bands since then. I studied a degree in Nottingham . It was a music and performance degree with emphasis on contemporary composition. I am a singer song writer and like to create my own music as I have a recording studio . I am near to releasing my first EP. I have three grade 8 s in piano, clarinet and flute and a grade 5 alto saxophone. I currently teach online and teach recorder, clarinet, alto sax, ukelele and piano. I can also play the guitar. I often use a lot of improvisation in my teaching and I also encourage pupils to write their own music. I am teaching the ABRSM syllabus and Rockschool syllabus.

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